Edward V. Rochford Thanks Caesar DePaço, Ph.D.

From: “Rochford, Edward” <ERochford@co.morris.nj.us>
Date: Sep 2, 2015 12:28 PM
Subject: MCSO K9 Puppy Program Acceptance
To: “ce@summitnutritionals.com” <ce@summitnutritionals.com>
Cc: “Wall, Richard” <rwall@co.morris.nj.us>, “Pascale, Joe” <JPascale@co.morris.nj.us>, “Crooker, Edward” <ECrooker@co.morris.nj.us>, “Schievella, William” <wschievella@co.morris.nj.us>, “DiGavero, Phil” <PDiGavero@co.morris.nj.us>, “Hunter, Susan” <shunter@co.morris.nj.us>, “Tomasini, Aaron” <ATomasini@co.morris.nj.us>, “Pennino, Gerald” <GPennino@co.morris.nj.us>

Dear Dr. Caesar DePaço,

I am in receipt of your official offer to spearhead this exciting K9 Unit “Puppy Program” with the donation of 4 of the puppies. As Sheriff, on behalf of the Morris County Sheriff’s Office, I accept your incredibly generous offer and I have to tell you how I am truly moved by your generosity and your sincere passion for law enforcement. Although we can’t thank you enough, we will try.

Edward Rochford Thanks Caesar DePaço

With your approval of course, we would like to name the outdoor training grounds after you and have a sign created designating it as The Caesar DePaço, Ph.D. Sheriff’s K-9 Training Grounds. We also intend to have a press release at the inception of the “Puppy Program” at which time we will express our appreciation and perhaps ask you for a quote to include in the piece.

We are thrilled to have you and Deanna on as our first Honorary Deputies of the MCSO K-9 Unit and I hope your fleece jackets have finally arrived well before the cold weather hits us. We look forward to many more success stories as a result of our evolving partnership.


Edward V. Rochford
Morris County Sheriff’s Office
Deputy Chief Morris Township PD (ret.)
FBI NA 127
P.O.Box 900
Morristown, New Jersey 07963-0900
Office 973.285.6600
Email: erochford@co.morris.nj.us
MCSO web: www.mcsheriff.org

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Wise County Sheriff’s Office Thanks Summit Nutritionals ®

Wise County Sherrif’s Office thanks Summit Nutritionals ® for their generous offer of a K-9 through Vohne Liche Kennels of Denver, Indiana.

Wise County Sherrifs Office - Summit Nutritionals

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Master Deputy Shannon “Shane” Chase Thanks The DePaço’s

Dear Dr. Caesar & Deanna DePaço,

I am writing this letter to thank you for our two new canines. I have the pleasure of handling Marko (formerly known as Django). Our other canine, Bono, is handled by Kyle Speichinger.Johnson County Sheriffs Office 4

These canines are top notch and I can’t express the gratitude I have for your donation. While at Vohne Liche Kennels, we had the ability to train with Daron Rhoads and his canine, Kaiser (also donated by you). Not to brag but your 3 donated canines were the top 3 in the class, hands down! Each canine was number 1, depending on which aspect of work we focused. In addition, each canine has already had street finds, though mostly user amounts. We are building our highway interdiction team and larger finds shouldn’t be far away.

I never had a chance to thank you personally, but I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you do and have done for canine handlers across the nation. I lost my previous canine, Ace, to kidney failure. We had an incredible bond. K9 Marko is simply amazing and has a lot of the same personality traits as Ace. Marko is a very intimidating dog and LOVES to work!Johnson County Sheriffs Office 1

Since we have been back from Indiana, we have been training with the KCMO PD K9 Unit and Jason Brungardt/Rico (another of your donated canines). Right now, they are helping us train for our local certification and have an incredible amount of instructors/trainers with canine knowledge. Their dogs come from Vohne Liche Kennels, as well.

I wanted to send you a couple photos of our canines and let you know they are PERFECT!! I was not sure if anyone had contacted you since our return from Vohne Liche Kennels, but I wanted to reach out to you personally to say thanks!! I wanted to let you know we are constantly asked about our dogs and everyone’s eyes light up when we tell people they were donated by you.

Johnson County Sheriffs Office 6

Marko, Bono, Kyle and I look forward to meeting you in the future.

Feel free to contact me anytime about anything. You both will always have a place in my heart and I will forever be indebted to you!


Shannon “Shane” Chase
Master Deputy / K9 Unit

Johnson County Sheriff’s Office
27747 W 159th Street
New Century, Kansas, 66031

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Our Lady of Fatima Church Thanks Summit Nutritionals International ®

Our Lady of Fatima Church thanks Summit Nutritionals International ® for their generous donation to cover the cost of the annual Pig-Nic.

Our Lady of Fatima 1 - 2015


Our Lady of Fatima 2 - 2015

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Duo’s Contributions to Police Work Bark and Bite

MORRISTOWN 3— A Bernardsville couple who have donated K-9 police dogs to agencies around the United States were honored Wednesday by the Morris County Sheriff’s Office for donating dogs to two departments in New Jersey.

Dr. Caesar DePaço and his wife, Deanne Padovani-DePaço, were awarded a plaque and named Honorary Deputy Sheiffs by Morris County Sheriff Edward V. Rochford at the county’s K-9 facility for their contributions to the Deal Police Department and the Morris County Sheriff’s Office K-9 unit.

“The K-9 unit is spectacular,” Rochford said in front of a small gathering of officers from the sheriff’s office, Deal and Hillsborough, among others. “I admire them. They know I support them tremendously.”

Prior to presenting the DePaço family with a plaque, Sgt. Aaron Tomasini, who conducts hands on training with the K-9 dogs, expressed his gratitude.

“From deep down, (I am) very much appreciative,” he said, “to get these K-9 officers and help get them out in the public.”2

Dr. Caesar DePaço is the founder and CEO of Branchburg-based Summit Nutritionals International ®, a manufacturer of raw nutritional supplements. Deanne Padovani-DePaço is the President of the company. Together, they have both donated more than 13 dogs to agencies around the country, from Maryland to Oklahoma City.

In an interview earlier this year, Padovani-DePaço said she and her husband donated their first dog to the Hillsborough Police Department in 2013. After that, Padovani-DePaço said the feelings of gratitude and fulfillment became addicting.

“It feels super great to see the emotion and the reaction of the recipients of the dogs,” Padovani-DePaço said. “They are always so humble and grateful.”

On Wednesday morning, Padovani-DePaço echoed a similar sentiment.

“This is the least of the honor,” she said, as she held the plaque (Dr. Caesar DePaço was not present because he was in Florida, where he serves as the Honorary Consul of Portugal in Palm Coast, Florida). “The honor is to assist the K-9 unit not only in this county but also in the nation…we’re so grateful to be a part of your team.”Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 7.21.42 PM

Along with the plaque, the DePaço’s were also named Honorary Deputy Sherrifs by Rochford, who quipped about the two using the title to their advantage when traveling across the country.

“When you’re doing 90 miles an hour in Arizona and you get stopped, tell them you’re with us,” he said.

Following the brief awards ceremony, Tomasini led a demonstration of how officers train and deploy K-9 units in the field. He said Morris County has 14 K-9 dogs in service with seven handlers. In all, K-9 units can be deployed to all 39 municipalities in Morris County, Tomasini said.

He said obedience is key with training the dogs.

“It’s just like a child,” he said. “If a child can (be taught to) listen, so can our dogs.”

Tomasini said the dogs in Morris County can handle an array of tasks in the field, from chasing down fleeing subjects to sniffing for explosives and narcotics.


He also touted the dogs’ abilities to go above and beyond what a human officer is capable of. Tomasini said K-9 dogs instill feelings of fear in a subject that a human cannot, and that their speed and agility is unparalleled to humans.

“Every time I come do an apprehension (with a K-9 dog), I win,” Tomasini said.

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